Foundation Documents

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Basilica School to provide children of the Lower Florida Keys an affordable, quality Catholic education in a Christ-centered learning environment. This mission aims to educate the whole person- spirit, mind and body and to foster ownership of each individual’s Catholic faith.

Philosophy Statement

The Basilica School of Saint Mary Star of the Sea, as a Parish school in the Archdiocese of Miami, provides a value-oriented Catholic education.  The school offers a positive environment, fostering spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social growth.

The Basilica School of Saint Mary Star of the Sea prepares their students for responsible adulthood by teaching them respect for God, themselves, others, and their environment, within the framework of a strong values system.  The school also gives them the opportunity to prepare for a productive role in society by assisting and encouraging them to develop the skills necessary to achieve these goals.

The Basilica School is committed to meeting the individual needs of families through a varied curriculum which provides the opportunity for interaction with, and an appreciation for, the varied cultures represented in our community.

The Graduate at Graduation

It is the goal of The Basilica School to send forth graduates who are well-equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of high school.  We hope to prepare them spiritually, academically, socially, and physically with a faith foundation which will keep them on the right track.

The following are the expectations that we strive to achieve for our graduates:

Academically, we desire that our graduates will enter high school prepared to take a more rigorous curriculum.  We expect our graduates to be intrinsically motivated, well-prepared, and life-long learners.

We strive to have graduates who are well-rounded physically, through the use of our various sports programs, such as, basketball, volleyball, running club, and physical education.  Students are taught the values of good nutrition and healthy living.

Socially, we expect our graduates to be able to communicate effectively, with poise and self-confidence.  We desire that our students will be aware of their self-worth and dignity and will be positive leaders in the high school community.

As a Catholic School, it is most important for us to equip our graduates to make good life choices and to value their faith.  We hope that they will remain true to the teachings of the Church and strong in the face of the temptations they will encounter.  We expect our graduates to exemplify Christian values and morality, and to set a good example to others through the way in which they live their lives.