What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly campaign aimed to increase financial support for a variety of programs and initiatives that enhance the learning experience of all students. These gifts are unrestricted and are directed to where they are needed most, providing an immediate benefit for students and staff. Support of the Annual Fund allows us to respond to new opportunities as well as those needs that were unanticipated or are otherwise challenging to fund.

Why is the Annual Fund necessary?

The Basilica School strives to keep tuition affordable for all families. However, tuition revenues do not cover the total costs of educating a student. We rely on fundraising, private donations and the Annual Fund to help offset these costs. Contributions to the Annual Fund help us to enhance our educational programs, attract and retain quality faculty and upgrade our facilities. The Annual Fund is absolutely necessary in order to maintain the highest quality of Catholic education possible for our students.

Why is participation so important?

Every year we strive to achieve 100% participation from our Basilica school families. We also invite participation from all stakeholders including alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff, parishioners and other friends.

How will these funds be used?

The most pressing need is a $66,980 building deficit incurred this year as a result of several critical and immediate building projects. We often refer to these as the non-glorious investments – areas of the school where money is spent but there is no spectacular product that all can marvel at when it is finished – unlike there is in a playground or new gym. Contributions to the Annual Fund will help to offset this deficit and allow us to continue to honor the tuition subsidies provided to all families.

Does my gift really matter?

Absolutely! Every gift, regardless of its size, helps to advance the mission of our school. Every student benefits from your support.

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